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At 3,325 square kilometers Virachey National Park in Cambodia and, together with adjacent protected areas in Lao PDR Vietnam, forms one of the largest areas of protected forest in Asia. Virachey's vast forests grasslands, mountains, and valleys remain largely unexplored and undisturbed by human settlement and may still harbor new and undiscovered wildlife species. They provide important habitats for tiger, elephant, wild cattle and a number of spectacular, globally threatened primate and bird species. The northeast of Cambodia has been a home of indigenous, hill tribe peoples for centuries and remains a center for cultural in the region. Indigenous Brau and Kavet people continue to depend on the natural rescues of Virachey National Park for their survival and several communities are now participating in the park's ecotourism program. Virachey too has a rich, albeit tragic, historical heritage through its association with American- Vietnam war, the legacy of which can still be readily observed along the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail that traverse the park.

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