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8 days: Phnom Penh - Ratanakiri - Stung Treng - Flooded Forests - Dolphins Trail - Silk Islands - Phnom Penh

Note: Departure from Siem Reap or Laos also possible for an extra fee.

Depart: October 12 - 8:00 a.m.
Return: October 18 - 6:30 p.m.

Explore the Mekong River by kayak, boat, bicycle and hiking, including pristine old growth forests, mountain views over the river, waterfalls, flooded forests and rare freshwater dolphins. Hike in a remote forested region of the Mekong, explore the mighty Mekong Falls, camp on a scenic island, Kayak the amazing flooded forests of the Mekong Wetlands and see the rare Mekong Freshwater Dolphins up close. End the trip by cycling through the Silk Islands and then enjoy a dinner cruise boat trip the rest of the way to Phnom Penh.

Highlights: Mekong Waterfalls, Dolphins, Flooded Forests, Old Growth Forests, Silk Islands, Island Camping

Activities: Flooded Forests Kayaking, Mekong Mountain Hiking, Mekong Falls Boat Trip, Silk Islands Cycling and Boat Cruise

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Get to Banlung on your own by bus or taxi. Overnight at comfortable hotel with a view over the lake.

Day 2 Travel from Banlung by car to a small tribal village 30 minutes away, then begin trekking into the jungle, crossing a few small streams and hills. Reach a jungle campsite by a scenic creek with rapids and a cascading waterfall in the late afternoon and enjoy a swim in the clear water before an evening by the campfire.

Day 3 Trek through the hills via a different route back through the jungle to the village starting point, then return by car to Banlung.

Day 4 Visit Yak Lom Crater Lake in the late morning for a swim and a picnic lunch, then depart to Stung Treng, the town at the confluence of the Mekong and Sekong Rivers, by car.

Day 5 Travel North along the Mekong to the village of O Sway near the Lao border and begin a full-day kayaking trip down river through remote flooded forests of Cambodia's amazing Ramsar Wetlands. A boat will provide backup. Many varieties of birds live in these forests. Picnic lunch en route provided. Return to Stung Treng accommodations in the evening.

Day 6 Leave Stung Treng on Mountain Bike south along a scenic river route passing through small fishing and farming villages and then board kayaks, continuing down river to a deep dolphin pool where you can spot the rare Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphins. After lunch, transfer by car to Kratie.

Day 7 Travel by private car from Kratie to the Mekong River north of the Silk Islands. Cycle across two islands, stopping to visit a silk-weaving village, a pagoda and farms. Enjoy a picnic lunch at a sandy beach. Then board a 2-deck cruise boat for a dinner cruise. Enjoy a BBQ dinner and cold drinks as you watch the sunset over the Mekong and cruise into Phnom Penh.

Price: $585

Price Includes:
-All transportation, luggage transfer.
-All equipment.
-All fees.
-Most Meals.

Price does not include:

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