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Mekong Expedition Tour

4 days: Phnom Penh - Stung Treng - Mekong Falls - Flooded Forests - Silk Islands - Phnom Penh

Note: Departure from Siem Reap or Laos also possible for an extra fee.

Explore the Mekong River by kayak, boat, bicycle and hiking, including pristine old growth forests, mountain views over the river, waterfalls, flooded forests and rare freshwater dolphins. Hike in a remote forested region of the Mekong, explore the mighty Mekong Falls, camp on a scenic island, Kayak the amazing flooded forests of the Mekong Wetlands and see the rare Mekong Freshwater Dolphins up close. End the trip by cycling through the Silk Islands and arriving at Phnom Penh by ferry boat via the Mekong River.

Highlights: Mekong Waterfalls, Dolphins, Flooded Forests, Old Growth Forests, Silk Islands, Island Camping

Activities: Flooded Forests Kayaking, Mekong Mountain Hiking, Mekong Falls Boat Trip, Silk Islands Cycling or Boat Cruise

Mekong Expedition Itinerary

Day 1 Depart Phnom Penh by private car directly to Stung Treng (stopping for lunch in Kratie). Overnight at a nature lodge located outside of town (basic facilities, private balcony, river view) or at a riverside hotel in Stung Treng.

Day 2 Travel north by car and then by boat to a remote site on the Mekong where we will disembark and begin hiking through thick jungle to a wide rocky expanse where the Mekong drops in a spectacular waterfall over a rocky ledge. After listening to the roar of the powerful river and exploring the numerous drops, we will have lunch and then begin trekking through pristine old growth forests as we ascend a mountain with a great view over the river valley. After the hike, we will board a boat and continue to a small island where we will set up camp on a sandy beach and enjoy dinner around a campfire.

Day 3 Awake to the sounds of birds and rare freshwater dolphins surfacing around the island. Begin a full-day kayaking trip down river through remote flooded forests of Cambodia's amazing Ramsar Wetlands. A boat will provide backup. Many varieties of birds live in these forests. Picnic lunch en route provided. Overnight in Stung Treng.

Day 4 Transfer by car to the Mekong River north of Phnom Penh and board a ferry boat to cross to the Silk Islands. Enjoy a picnic and swim at a sandy beach on the tip of the northern-most island and make numerous excursions on the islands including visits to an island pagoda, local silk weaving communities, farms, villages and schools as we cycle across two islands. From the quiet east bank of the Mekong, we will continue cycling along a quiet route along the Mekong before arriving directly across the river from Phnom Penh. Here we will cross by ferry through the "Four Rivers," where the Mekong and Tonle Sap cross, and then transfer by tuk-tuk or car to your Phnom Penh accommodations. Cycling: 25 km.
Note: We also offer a boat cruise option for Day 4 if you don't like cycling.

Price: $575/person

Price Includes:
-Car transfers.
-Boat Cruise.
-Most Meals.
-Guided Tours.
All equipment (kayaks, dry bags, bicycles).
Not Inclusive of: Insurance.

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