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Virachey National Park Comprising some of the deepest and most isolated jungle of Cambodia, Virachey is largely unexplored and holds a large assortment of wildlife. Small hilltribe villages can be found around the periphery of the park. Waterfalls and mountains can be found inside the park. Virachey is located in the upper Northeast corner of Ratanakiri province, bordering on Laos and Vietnam.

Bokor National Park One of Cambodia's most enchanting national parks, Bokor is located close to Kampot in the Elephant Mountains. The park consists of misty tropical jungles sprawling over mountains teeming with wildlife, fresh mountains streams and even waterfalls. The park offers incredible views of the oceans from 3000 feet and an eerie abandoned hill station of decaying colonial buildings set among the clouds on a cliff edge overlooking the sea. Beds are available at the ranger station on the mountain top.

Kirirom National Park Only two hours from Phnom Penh, Kirirom consists of beautiful pine forests, waterfalls and mountain streams at a cool elevation. Many trails through the forest make for hikes with great views and less sweating than the more tropical forests of Cambodia.

Kep National Park Lush jungles in the hills overlooking the sea at the back of the resort town of Kep offer walking trails and great views within walking distance of guesthouses in Kep.

Ream National Park Ream is a coastal park encompassing a river, estuary, mountains, jungles, beaches, islands and coral reefs. Located only 30 minutes from Sihanoukville, the park offers snorkelling, boat trips and jungle walks with great views and wildlife as well as a chance to enjoy deserted beaches and pristine sites.

Phnom Kulen National Park The most sacred mountain in Cambodia, Phnom Kulen consists of thick jungle, a holy waterfall and reams of ancient carvings and temples. The mountain itself represents a linga of which the stream that runs through Siem Reap has its origin.

Cardamom Mountains The largest mountain chain in Cambodia, only small paths and logging roads intersect the Cardamoms. Covered with thick forests, most of the Cardamom chain is uninhabited or only occupied by scattered and remote villages. Most of the region is undeveloped and is most easily reached by dirtbike because of the rough road conditions.

Phnom Aural Mountain At 1770 meters, Phnom Aural is the highest peak in Cambodia and can be accessed via nearby Kompong Chhang town. It is possible to climb the mountain as local villages are located nearby, but because of the thick jungle cover there may not be much to see.

Dangrek Escarpment A chain spread along the Thai border from Osmach through Anlong Veng and Preah Vihear temple, the Dangrek Escarpment is remote and heavily mined as it served as the main stronghold of the Khmer Rouge for many years. Nevertheless, there are many interesting sights and great views to be had from the region as well as war relics, wildlife, hilltribes and temples.

Kompong Trach Caves Limestone mountains rise out of the rice fields at Kompong Trach, a small town located in Kampot Province 30 minutes from Kep. A network of caves run through the mountains, some of which contain interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations representing different animals and creatures. Besides the caves, one mountain features a temple in the caved-in center.