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Fishing Cambodia Tour

Remote Mekong River and Ocean Islands Adventures

Tour Duration: 9 days
Departs from: Phnom Penh (or Siem Reap)
Returns to: Phnom Penh
Features: River Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Kayaking, Camping, Snorkeling, Dolphin Spotting, Live-aboard, Short Hiking, Waterfalls
Includes: comfortable transport and accommodation, guides, equipment, tackle, fees
Price: Please Ask

Fishing Cambodia Tour

This tour will bring you to the best fishing locations the country, including the remote wilds and extremely bio diverse northern Mekong River and Cambodia's undeveloped coastal islands. This trip involves a live aboard at sea and camping on an island in the Mekong. We will kayak flooded forests, see rare freshwater dolphins up close and have a chance to catch fish found nowhere else in the world.


Day 1: Depart Phnom Penh by private car directly to Stung Treng (stopping for lunch in Kratie). In the afternoon, we will kayak across the Sekong River and visit an ethnic Lao village where bamboo sticky rice is made. Afterwards, we will kayak down the Sekong, enjoying a superb view of sunset over the rivers. Overnight at an excellent riverside hotel.

Day 2: Travel north by car to a small village where we will board a boat and head up river to a rocky stretch of river distinguished by its deep water pools and numerous islands. We will spend much of the day fishing this excellent location. Further up river, a powerful waterfall creates a natural barrier to fish movement and we will find numerous fish species in the region downriver from this. We will also have an opportunity to walk to this remote waterfall and visit a small fishing village. Afterwards, we will continue by boat downstream to a small island where we will set up camp on a sandy beach and enjoy dinner around a campfire.

Day 3: We will awake to the sounds of birds and rare freshwater dolphins surfacing around the island. The island is located just off from a deep water pool where the dolphins are based and various other large freshwater species of fish lurk. After breakfast, we will begin a kayaking trip down river through the remote flooded forests of the Mekong. After lunch, we will travel into the Mekong Wetlands, one of the most bio diverse river regions in the world, and begin fishing throughout the day and evening. We will camp on an island overnight.

Day 4: We will fish most of the day over a 20 kilometer stretch of the river where, with some patience, it is possible to catch some very large fish. This is a part of the river known for numerous fish species that are found nowhere else and prized for their quality and size. In the evening, we will arrive at the confluence of the Mekong and Sekong Rivers and cross over to dock at our hotel. Overnight at riverside hotel in Stung Treng.

Day 5: Transfer by car to the Mekong River near the Silk Islands and board a comfortable 2-deck cruise boat. We will spend the afternoon cruising downriver and fishing. We will also have an opportunity to make numerous excursions on the islands including visits to an island pagoda, local silk weaving communities, farms, villages and schools before continuing the journey to Phnom Penh, enjoying great views of river life, fishing practices, a floating village, the four rivers region and the city. Watch the sunset over the river while enjoying a BBQ dinner and drinks on board before arriving at Phnom Penh.

Day 6: Depart Phnom Penh by private car to the scenic Kbal Chhay Waterfalls in the hills above Sihanoukville for a swim and picnic lunch. Afterwards, continue on to Sihanoukville where we will stay overnight at a hotel by the beach.

Day 7: We will begin a two day live-aboard boat charter on board a 2-deck fishing vessel with a professional crew. An experienced captain will take you to the best fishing spots as well as some of the most remote and beautiful islands off the coast of Cambodia. We will fish a number of locations for a variety of species. We will also have opportunities for swimming and snorkeling and secluded bays and beaches.

Day 8: We awake anchored off a scenic island and begin another day of fishing and exploring the islands of the region. We will return to Sihanoukville in the afternoon and, for dinner on dry land, enjoy the best of our catch cooked up for us.

Day 9: Depart Sihanoukville by private car directly to Phnom Penh or Phnom Penh International Airport.

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